Automated data flow from A to Z


E-commerce and digitization of logistics processes.

Culina needed automated data flow between internal systems, as well as streamlining trading processes with its customers. Business system from Visma, WMS from Apport, own online store, shopping portals, marketplaces and electronic invoicing - everything must work effectively together! In close cooperation with ABC Data, we have delivered a number of integrations and the e-commerce solution to Culina.

The solution

  • 12 Culina dealers across the country
  • E-Commerce Solution integrert med Visma
  • Integrasjoner mellom Visma og Apport WMS
  • All håndtering av elektronisk faktura
  • Integrasjoner mot innkjøpsportaler
  • Integrasjoner mot Elkjøp Market Place


Integration Partner is responsible for all the integrations between our main applications, ensuring a stable and efficient flow of information in a cost-effective and predictable way. All electronic invoice traffic is also handled via eSENTRAL and IntegrationPartner. Culina AS relies on a predictable and accurate flow of information as there are large amounts of data in circulation within 24 hours depending on a supplier that can grow with our needs. Culina chose Integration Partner as they are far advanced in technology.


Jonas Kortgaard, Logistics Manager Culina AS


Om Culina

  • Storkjøkkenutstyr – i den gode smaks tjeneste!
  • En av Norges ledende og mest komplette leverandør på utstyr til det profesjonelle storkjøkken
  • Løsningen fra IntegrasjonsPartner omfatter både innkjøps- og grossistselskapet Enor AS og 12 Culinaforhandlere over hele landet

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