Automatic warehouse logistics with ERP and eSENTRAL Cloud

Timik Medical

With administration and local inventories spread across borders, as well as a common 3rd party warehouse, Timik Medical relied on flexible IT solutions that simplify the finance and logistics function of the company. Automated warehouse logistics with ERP were important requirements for a new solution.

The choice fell on warehouse logistics ERP provided by Office Center and eSENTRAL Cloud from IntegrationPartner. eSENTRAL Cloud automates all flow of sales, purchasing and billing between clients ERP. In addition, the cloud-based integration engine handles all processes related to goods deliveries, purchases and goods receipt against 3rd party inventory logistics and automated invoicing to customers.


The solution

  • Integration solutions for in the cloud
  • Sales order automation and invoicing
  • Automation of purchases and goods receipt
  • Checking, validation and non-conformance warning
  • Automated order flow towards 3rd party warehouse
  • Automated goods reception

Sales orders and purchases are recorded only once. Then IntegrationPartner's solution handles most of the logistics and invoicing in - fully automatic! The automation of the internal processes has made us more efficient. We are now rigged for larger volumes, without the need to increase the number of employees in the administration.


Jan Johannsen, CEO i Timik Medical


About Timik Medical

Timik Medical is a Nordic medical technology company with locations in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway. The company has a strong reputation as a supplier of medical devices in diagnostics, sports medicine and rehabilitation to public and private businesses.

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