Efficient order flow in the cloud with eSENTRAL Cloud and Visma.net

Wik & Walsøe

We have had the pleasure of being a supplier of integration solutions to Designstudioet Wik & Walsøe AS since 2014. It started with automation of order flow between Mamut and the warehouse system at their logistics partner.

With fantastic growth, in 2017 the company needed to change its business system. The focus was effective order flow in cloud with Visma.net with our integration platform eSENTRAL CLOUD.

With Visma ERP in the cloud, the integration solution was also moved and is now delivered as a cloud service. In connection with the system change, there was also a desire to improve efficiency. It was decided to establish order integration with Kitch'n to get all orders automatically into Visma.net. With a higher degree of automation, the company is equipped for further growth!


The solution

  • Automated order receipt in Visma.net with EDI order from more than 130 Kitch'n stores
  • Automation of sales orders and completion of order picking with integrations between Visma.net and Andersen & Mørck warehouse.


When we chose Visma.net, it was a security and a prerequisite that IntegrationPartner joined us to the cloud. In addition to integrations with our warehouse, we established order integration with Kitch'n just before peak season. It saved us many hours of order registration! Integration Partner's knowledge of Visma.net, and their prompt response when we need help, are of great value to us!


Stine Bustgaard, ERP-manager Wik & Walsøe AS



About Wik & Walsøe AS

Once upon a time, two young Norwegian designers launched a debut collection of beautiful porcelain to great admiration. Today, the design studio Wik & Walsøe AS has been given a clear voice on the Nordic design scene and cannot be ignored when talking about Scandinavian design.

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