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Automation led to increased efficiency

When Battery Return needed a new website, there was also the need for a new integrated web portal that would automate and streamline the process for all return of electric car batteries. Our partner The Pitch made the homepages, and put the customers in contact with IntegrationPartner in the county's time. The need for efficient routines and statistics on electric car battery sign-ups was extremely necessary as demand "exploded" during the preparation of the portal in 2018. Since then, electric car battery sign-ups have multiplied, and today the company is completely dependent on a system that works optimally.


The solution

  • Automated web portal for registration of electric car batteries for car dealers, car breakers and car importers.
  • Order integration from the portal to Visma Global for invoicing of the assignments.



The solution

“We had not been able to do the work we do without the portal. With such a sharp increase in returns, it has become our best tool ”

Per Magnus Karlsson, Key Account Manager, Fredrikstad 


About IntegrationPartner

“Integration Partners are cooperative and continue to deliver on our requirements and desires, which allows us to constantly improve our portal to meet new needs as they arise. This means that we follow our customers" ønsker og kan levere en best mulig tjeneste. Vi opplever at våre kunder er positive til portalen og særlig da de etter konkrete tilbakemeldinger til oss får oppleve at portalen forbedres til å tilfredsstille deres ønsker”

Betina Albertsen, Backoffice, Sandefjord



About Batteriretur

Battery return is organized to meet the requirements for discarded batteries in the waste regulations, and from its establishment in late autumn 1993 the mission has been fulfilled, year after year.

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