Integrated web portal for the lighting chain Lysmesteren

Christiania Belysning

When Christiania Lighting bought the Danish lighting chain Lightmaster, Integration Partner was chosen to assist with digitization of the chain operation!

Within a few months, an integrated web portal for the lighting chain Lysmesteren was established with an ordering portal for the stores, with a complete product catalog and a number of support functions.

Integrert webportal for Lysmesteren

The integrated web portal solution gives all member stores access to open records, invoice archives and key figures for bench marking their store operations against other chain members. This in addition to several useful tools for marketing work. The flow of data between business system, storage system and web portal is of course automated.


The solution

  • Ordering portal for the franchise stores
  • Invoice and accounting portal for store for shop
  • Reports, prints of posters and barcodes
  • Integrations with 3rd party logistics warehouse
  • Price data for store data
  • Integration with consumer webshop


We used IntegrationPartner right from the start of our project, and experienced them as a solid sparring partner who could both challenge our models and see solutions for the future system. Throughout the development process, they were a professional partner who delivered on time and finances. The solution worked from day one!


Bente Skalstad, CFO Christiania Belysning AS




About Christiania Belysning

The Light Master is Denmark's largest and most serious chain of lighting stores. The chain has been selling brands from Le Klint and Louis Poulsen for over 10 years, and has about 25 stores to date. Was acquired in 2014 by lighting chain Christiania Belysning, which has 41 stores in Norway.

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