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eSHOP er en netthandelsløsning, integrert med ditt ERP-system

 Vi kombinerer standardmoduler med skreddersøm slik at du kan møte markedet med akkurat det som skal til for å vinne kundene.

I tillegg til å levere nettbutikk for B2B og B2C, skreddersyr vi webportaler for ulike formål.
Tell us where your manual tasks are eating up your time and your margins. We can probably help you!

Webshop B2B

We have been working on optimizing commerce and logistics processes since the late 90s. We bring this experience into our e-commerce projects when we establish B2B solutions for our customers. In B2B commerce, it is essential to provide customers with safe, fast and efficient access to exactly the information that is important to them, just when they need it: Their range, their prices, their order history, their invoice archive, relevant marketing materials, technical data sheets and so on.

In addition, the B2B platform is an excellent tool for upselling to existing customers by building campaigns, product relationships, bundling, planning purchases, etc. The information must be up-to-date and accurate at all times, and the commerce process must be simple and efficient. Integration and automation are therefore very important when we deliver e-commerce solutions for Business to Business!

Webshop B2C

We usually supply a B2C shop with a good portion of customization, and often in a complete solution together with B2B. In the same was as with eSHOP B2B, this is not a “stand alone” solution. eSHOP is always integrated with ERP, and often with other services as well.

But even if eSHOP B2C is an integrated online store solution, you don't necessarily have to begin a complicated and costly integration project. For example, if you chose Visma.net ERP, we connect you quickly and inexpensively to a standard B2C shop.

Of course, eSHOP B2C has a mobile-adapted (responsive) framework and includes integration with secure payment solutions and more. If you want to automate the deduction of money from card redemption units and automatic filing in the finance system, we will also help you with that.

Integration and automation are essential!

Labour costs a lot of money! We are therefore concerned that integration should, as far as possible, do the job of keeping the online store updated with basic data from ERP and other data sources, and that orders flow automatically into the order system and out to the warehouse for dispatch.

We specialize in ERP integration and have a strong professional environment within process optimization and logistics. In addition to helping you with the customer journey and the user experience, we focus on your administration and logistics processes being as cost-effective as possible. We automate the order flow into ERP, connect the solution to the warehouse if you have outsourced the storage operation or deliver a complete storage system if you operate the warehouse yourself.

Through APIs (integration interfaces) we can connect your solution to a number of other services that also help to automate your processes. Enquiries against various data sources and registers, receiving orders from other sources, integrating with payment services etc.

ERP integration: on premise & cloud

As mentioned, integration with ERP is crucial in our online store and portal deliveries. Through our many years of experience as a Visma partner, we have built a solid integration framework for Visma Business and Visma Global.

During 2017 and 2018, eSHOP was also made ready for Visma.net.

We have a wide range of e-commerce and portal projects for Visma customers on our reference list, but the eSHOP platform can be integrated with any business system. We also have SAP, AX (Axapta), NAV (Navision), Multicase, Mamut and others on our customer list. The ERP systems' direction has gradually turned towards the cloud in recent years. We deliver regardless of the operating platform - both “in the cloud” and “on premise”.

IntegrasjonsPartner took the challenge and created a good solution within the expected time frame. They have solved their tasks well and delivered efficiently according to our wishes.

Eirik Johansen, CFO, Starco Norge AS

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