Order capture on mobile

And always up-to-date information from the erp system on mobile! Storage status, price, order history and key figures

bizClick mobile sales - for sellers on the go!

Our mobile sales solution, bizClick mobile sales, is used by companies that have salespeople in the field, merchants at trade shows and as a B2B solution where regular customers register orders.

With an app on a tablet or mobile you can have a full overview of customers, products, inventory, prices, order history and selected key figures. Order registration is carried out quickly and easily using touchscreen or barcode reader and the orders are transferred directly to the company's ERP system.

The solution is available for both Android and iOS.


"After four of our salespeople tried bizClick Mobile Sales for a couple of months, there was no doubt: We have to roll this out to the entire sales team! An advanced solution that is simple and efficient to use. Implementation of the solution, including a rather comprehensive integration with Visma Business, proceeded quickly and painlessly. Highly recommended!"


Øyvind Berger, Engelschiøn Marwell Hauge




Integration with ERP - Cloud & On Premise

For bizClick mobile sales, it doesn't matter which ERP system you use. In principle, we integrate the solution into any ERP systems, both cloud-based and the more traditional "on-premise" systems.

As a certified Visma 3 party, bizClick mobile sales is of course ready for integration with both Visma.net, Visma Business, Visma Global and Mamut. Visma.net and bizClick mobile sales give you a 100% SaaS solution (Software as a Service).

We automate - from order to invoice

Have you thought about what can be automated and made more efficient? We have customers where orders are registered by a customer in eSHOP E-commerce or by a seller in bizClick mobile sales. Our integrations in eSENTRAL automatically control and run the order flow through the ERP system and on to picking in bizClick logistics. When the order is picked, packaged and shipped, we update ERP, invoice the order and send an electronic invoice to the customer. All administrative jobs are automated, and physical goods handling is more efficient with good tools.

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Not online at all times?

You might think that you're "online" forever? Experience shows that there is not always good, stable coverage where the job is to be done. In a warehouse or in a shop with shelves of steel and concrete walls, in a narrow valley or on a farm in the village, there may be holes in coverage. We realized that it is important to get the job done without being dependent on the network.

bizClick mobile sales is an online-offline solution. The user synchronizes all or selected data files in the app themselves. You can, for example, retrieve any updated data from ERP in the morning. Throughout the day you can easily update stock status and send orders on a regular basis when you are online. This, of course, reduces data traffic, but first and foremost it ensures that the solution responds quickly to users and that you can do whatever is needed wherever you are.