Web portals

 We combine standard modules with tailoring so that you can meet the market with exactly what it takes to win customers.

I tillegg til å levere nettbutikk for B2B og B2C, skreddersyr vi webportaler for ulike formål.
Tell us where your manual tasks are eating up your time and your margins. We can probably help you!

Customized web portals

Our web solutions are not limited to e-commerce. We have delivered a wide range of customized chain solutions, procurement portals, accounting and reporting solutions, customer follow-up tools, internal corporate portals and various types of collaboration and streamlining solutions. In other words, closed business portals for the effective sharing of interaction and information with customers, suppliers and internally in the company.

Our employees' knowledge and understanding of business processes, combined with web technology and integration solutions, means that we have the ability to help companies put together cost effective and user-friendly solutions.

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