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Zodiac's new B2B online store integrated with Visma Global - has led to increased sales

The online store works optimally after upgrading to the latest version

Since 2010, Zodiac has been a customer of Integration Partners. The Zodiac needed that time B2B nettbutikk integrert med Visma Global. Etter hvert som det ble stilt nye krav fra et marked i endring og kravene fra brukerne ble både nye og flere, måtte IntegrasjonsPartner følge med og videreutvikle sin nettbutikkplattform. Den nye responsive versjonen var klar i 2015. IntegrasjonsPartner formidlet til sine kunder at det ville være nødvendig å oppgradere til ny versjon dersom nettbutikken skulle være tilpasset alle nye krav. Zodiac tok først skrittet etter at deres hjemmesider ble oppgradert i 2018. Da ble det veldig tydelig at også nettbutikken måtte få et ansikts,- og funksjonalitetsløft. Zodiac ønsket en nettbutikk som var mer intuitiv og innbydende for deres forhandlere, og som var responsiv, altså tilpasset alle flater. Tilbakemeldingene etter oppgraderingen er gjennomgående positive. Forhandlerne mener nettbutikken fungerer bra, og det er enkelt å finne frem til det de er på jakt etter. Dette har igjen ført til økt salg over nett for Zodiac.


The solution

  • B2B online store integrated with Visma Global.

We started working with IntegrationPartner in 2010, and it was natural for us to continue the collaboration when we were to upgrade our online store in 2018. IntegrationPartner is professional, solution-oriented and fast. I have emailed them several times in the afternoon / evening, and received a reply even though this is outside working hours. Integration Partner has also come up with good ideas on how we can further improve our online store.


Mette Ramberg, Marketing and Accounting Manager

Online store integrated with ERP

When Den Gyldne Bønne AS changed financial system, they also needed a new online store integrated with ERP

New online store should handle both corporate and private market and be integrated with ERP. The goal was to maintain master data in the ERP system and have all e-commerce orders flow automatically from the online store to the ERP without manual registration. It was also important to start with "need to have" functionality to ensure a fast and affordable implementation. At the same time, we needed a solution with good development and expansion opportunities in order to adapt to future needs and an increased focus on e-commerce.

In collaboration with Visma reseller ECIT Capstone Hønefoss, eSHOP was chosen from Integration Partners, integrated with ERP through the eSENTRAL CLOUD cloud service. With this, The Golden Bean has chosen a forward-looking, integrated and flexible solution where both ERP, the integration service and the online store are 100% cloud-based.


The solution:

    • Webshop B2B and B2C to serve both the corporate and private markets
    • Integrated with ERP
    • A standardized solution with great potential for further development


We only have positive experiences in our collaboration with Integration Partners. Right from the first contact, we realized that we were dealing with a professional supplier who knew what they were talking about. Adaptations and changes / corrections have also been made quickly and efficiently after the store came on the air.

Bernard Lindvik, Finance Manager in DGB


About Den Gyldne Bønne

In the spring of 1996 Den Gyldne Bønne AS opened the doors in Thorvald Meyersgate on Grünerløkka. For nearly six years, coffee and tea was served and sold to both locals and visitors. At most 15,000 coffee cups were served each month! But with a non-renewable lease, in 2001 they were forced to think of other opportunities in the coffee industry.

They bought a small coffee burner, rented a modest industrial space and after one year both machine and premises were too small. Den Gyldne Bønne AS is today located at Vøyenenga in Bærum in large fine premises. Here they focus on quality coffee that covers the top half of the quality pyramid. They are even the Lifetime Pioneer Member of the Cup of Excellence organization!

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Integrated online portal

Automation led to increased efficiency

When Battery Return needed a new website, there was also the need for a new integrated web portal that would automate and streamline the process for all return of electric car batteries. Our partner The Pitch made the homepages, and put the customers in contact with IntegrationPartner in the county's time. The need for efficient routines and statistics on electric car battery sign-ups was extremely necessary as demand "exploded" during the preparation of the portal in 2018. Since then, electric car battery sign-ups have multiplied, and today the company is completely dependent on a system that works optimally.


The solution

  • Automated web portal for registration of electric car batteries for car dealers, car breakers and car importers.
  • Order integration from the portal to Visma Global for invoicing of the assignments.



The solution

“We had not been able to do the work we do without the portal. With such a sharp increase in returns, it has become our best tool ”

Per Magnus Karlsson, Key Account Manager, Fredrikstad 


About IntegrationPartner

“Integration Partners are cooperative and continue to deliver on our requirements and desires, which allows us to constantly improve our portal to meet new needs as they arise. This means that we follow our customers" ønsker og kan levere en best mulig tjeneste. Vi opplever at våre kunder er positive til portalen og særlig da de etter konkrete tilbakemeldinger til oss får oppleve at portalen forbedres til å tilfredsstille deres ønsker”

Betina Albertsen, Backoffice, Sandefjord



About Batteriretur

Battery return is organized to meet the requirements for discarded batteries in the waste regulations, and from its establishment in late autumn 1993 the mission has been fulfilled, year after year.

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Efficient order flow in the cloud with eSENTRAL Cloud and

We have had the pleasure of being a supplier of integration solutions to Designstudioet Wik & Walsøe AS since 2014. It started with automation of order flow between Mamut and the warehouse system at their logistics partner.

With fantastic growth, in 2017 the company needed to change its business system. The focus was effective order flow in cloud with with our integration platform eSENTRAL CLOUD.

With Visma ERP in the cloud, the integration solution was also moved and is now delivered as a cloud service. In connection with the system change, there was also a desire to improve efficiency. It was decided to establish order integration with Kitch'n to get all orders automatically into With a higher degree of automation, the company is equipped for further growth!


The solution

  • Automated order receipt in with EDI order from more than 130 Kitch'n stores
  • Automation of sales orders and completion of order picking with integrations between and Andersen & Mørck warehouse.


When we chose, it was a security and a prerequisite that IntegrationPartner joined us to the cloud. In addition to integrations with our warehouse, we established order integration with Kitch'n just before peak season. It saved us many hours of order registration! Integration Partner's knowledge of, and their prompt response when we need help, are of great value to us!


Stine Bustgaard, ERP-manager Wik & Walsøe AS



About Wik & Walsøe AS

Once upon a time, two young Norwegian designers launched a debut collection of beautiful porcelain to great admiration. Today, the design studio Wik & Walsøe AS has been given a clear voice on the Nordic design scene and cannot be ignored when talking about Scandinavian design.

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Integrated warehouse logistics with Visma business

It was Haucon who first challenged us to develop bizClick logistics. With modern mobile technology, a good management tool for the warehouse manager and flexible integration, we streamline the everyday life of the warehouse.

bizClick logistics is WMS in a new way and offers more efficient and integrated warehouse logistics with Visma business We utilize the best in the business system's logistics module and connect to bizClick which digitizes both pick and package, goods receipt and inventory count. The solution also has a module for distribution and control routines, signature and GPS tracking. Now we follow the goods all the way out at the construction site!

integrert lagerlogistikk med Visma business

The solution

  • An advanced scheduler for the warehouse manager
  • Apps for storage operators
  • Integrations with Visma Business
  • Pick & package, goods receipt, inventory count

Now the solution is expanded with distribution and signature when delivered on site!

The solution has been just as good as we hoped - plus a little more. Our product range and our customers demand a very high degree of precision on all deliveries. Nonconformities can have serious consequences. We went to Integration Partner because, through many years of collaboration, we were convinced that they took on the challenge of creating a solution that we couldn't find in the market. The solution allows us to continue growth in an efficient and controlled manner.

Jon Berle, CEO, Haucon i Norge AS

About Haucon Norge As

The HauCon Group is Scandinavia's leading supplier of specialty products to the concrete contractors. About. 50 employees in Norway divided into several companies. Turnover in Norway: Approximately NOK 300 million.

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Integrated web portal for the lighting chain Lysmesteren

When Christiania Lighting bought the Danish lighting chain Lightmaster, Integration Partner was chosen to assist with digitization of the chain operation!

Within a few months, an integrated web portal for the lighting chain Lysmesteren was established with an ordering portal for the stores, with a complete product catalog and a number of support functions.

Integrert webportal for Lysmesteren

The integrated web portal solution gives all member stores access to open records, invoice archives and key figures for bench marking their store operations against other chain members. This in addition to several useful tools for marketing work. The flow of data between business system, storage system and web portal is of course automated.


The solution

  • Ordering portal for the franchise stores
  • Invoice and accounting portal for store for shop
  • Reports, prints of posters and barcodes
  • Integrations with 3rd party logistics warehouse
  • Price data for store data
  • Integration with consumer webshop


We used IntegrationPartner right from the start of our project, and experienced them as a solid sparring partner who could both challenge our models and see solutions for the future system. Throughout the development process, they were a professional partner who delivered on time and finances. The solution worked from day one!


Bente Skalstad, CFO Christiania Belysning AS




About Christiania Belysning

The Light Master is Denmark's largest and most serious chain of lighting stores. The chain has been selling brands from Le Klint and Louis Poulsen for over 10 years, and has about 25 stores to date. Was acquired in 2014 by lighting chain Christiania Belysning, which has 41 stores in Norway.

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Automatic warehouse logistics with ERP and eSENTRAL Cloud

With administration and local inventories spread across borders, as well as a common 3rd party warehouse, Timik Medical relied on flexible IT solutions that simplify the finance and logistics function of the company. Automated warehouse logistics with ERP were important requirements for a new solution.

The choice fell on warehouse logistics ERP provided by Office Center and eSENTRAL Cloud from IntegrationPartner. eSENTRAL Cloud automates all flow of sales, purchasing and billing between clients ERP. In addition, the cloud-based integration engine handles all processes related to goods deliveries, purchases and goods receipt against 3rd party inventory logistics and automated invoicing to customers.


The solution

  • Integration solutions for in the cloud
  • Sales order automation and invoicing
  • Automation of purchases and goods receipt
  • Checking, validation and non-conformance warning
  • Automated order flow towards 3rd party warehouse
  • Automated goods reception

Sales orders and purchases are recorded only once. Then IntegrationPartner's solution handles most of the logistics and invoicing in - fully automatic! The automation of the internal processes has made us more efficient. We are now rigged for larger volumes, without the need to increase the number of employees in the administration.


Jan Johannsen, CEO i Timik Medical


About Timik Medical

Timik Medical is a Nordic medical technology company with locations in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway. The company has a strong reputation as a supplier of medical devices in diagnostics, sports medicine and rehabilitation to public and private businesses.

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Tire and rim online shop - integrated with SAP inventory counting solution - BizClick

Starco Norway needed a new online store in connection with changes in the company and the replacement of the logistics system. The online store was to be a sales and ordering tool for professional customers in the tyre industry, focusing on ease of use and efficiency.


The chose eSHOP - because of both the flexibility and strength of the integration platform. eSHOP - both because of the flexibility and the strength of the integration platform. Due to the merger of Starco Team, the need for the online store has grown further and a new solution bizClick logistics  has been implemented. Today, 80% of online store orders are pre-approved by Integration Partner, and are printed directly on one of 7 stocks using an algorithm. This allows Starco to ship goods to the ideal warehouse for the customer. This has saved Starco a lot of time. In total, the online store delivered 50,000 orders for a total order amount of 165 million in 2018.

The solution

  • Online store Business 2 Business
  • Special functionality for tires and rims
  • Tightly integrated with SAP Business One
  • Integration with supplier inventory
  • The inventory count module for BizClick Logistics


About the webshop

Short deadlines were provided from us, and at times unclear needs and a district cooperation with 3 other actors helped to complicate the process. Integration Partner took the challenge and came up with a good solution within the expected timeframe. They have solved the tasks well and delivered efficiently according to our wishes. After two weeks of operation, we have almost doubled the share of orders over the net! This has contributed to the efficiency of order handling, while also providing our customers with a much better tool for shopping our goods. We chose Integration Partner to deliver this because of an already good relationship and experience in delivering it.


About bizClick

We have 7 warehouses totaling almost 25,000 square meters. In stock counting we had 170,000 tires, 45,000 rims and 130,000 liters of oil in stock. This is divided into approximately 10,000 part no. We needed a structured and efficient system to plan and execute the inventory count. We found this in BizClick Logistics. We were able to put inventory in the system and create count lists efficiently. The counting itself went effectively on tablets, minimizing post-work. In addition, we could run continuous nonconformity checks. Upon completion of the count, the auditor did not find a single nonconformity. We have never experienced this before!


Eirik Johansen, CFO, Starco Norge AS


About Starco Norge AS

In 2015, Auto Grip AS and InterContact AS merged and became Starco Norge AS. In 2017, three Starco Team partners were merged into Starco Norway. With this, Starco Norway became an even stronger player in the Norwegian tire and rim market.

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Integration between Visma and e-commerce solution from Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Trimtex Sport makes a strong commitment to sales via digital channels and selected Demandware's e-commerce solution, which has now been acquired by Salesforce Commerce Cloud - a specialist in selling clothing and shoes online. To automate their own processes, it was a prerequisite that web shop solution should be integrated with the business system. That assignment got Integration Partner!


The solution

  • Order integration with a complex set of rules
  • Split of net order to different clients in ERP
  • Price and discount integrations from ERP
  • Order details / history from ERP
  • Integration with Payment Service
  • Logging, nonconformity alerts, controls

Our choice of a new e-commerce platform presented us with some challenges in integrating two systems that had never before been integrated. After a good collaboration with Integration Partners for several years, they were a natural partner. Due to delays initially, the job of integrations came late. Integration Partner flipped around so we could launch on time anyway. The integrations against ERP and PSP are solved in an excellent way. We get notifications of something wrong, if the ERP system is down, the jobs are just queued and move on when the conditions are back in place.


Asbjørn Sundodden, CFO Trimtex Sport AS

About Trimtex Sport AS

Trimtex supplies training and competition clothing for running, cycling, triathlon, orienteering and cross country. The company delivers to individuals, teams, clubs or businesses and helps them all to great sports experiences.

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Tailor-made sales support and reporting tools on the web

When we started working with Konsum Gruppen, all sales reports were being registered and followed up manually. Sales figures and the management of loyalty programs were maintained and followed up in Excel.

Over the course of four years we have automated a number of procedures and administrative staffing has been reduced. At the same time, Konsum Gruppen has doubled its turnover and is prepared for further growth with much better control.


The solution

  • Web portal for employees, customers and partners
  • Member database
  • Sales management tools
  • Reporting tool
  • Price calculator for seller and partner
  • Your page for members



IntegrationPartner's employees are present! They take us seriously and have a very special will and ability to listen and understand our needs. They are very solution-oriented and always deliver on time! The web solution from Integration Partner has great value for Konsum Gruppen. Through our system, both our employees, our customers, and our main partner have access to important work tools and key information in their daily work. All parties have a simple everyday!


Arild Larsen, CEO, Konsum Gruppen Norge AS


About Konsum Gruppen

Konsum Gruppen Norge AS is one of the leading purchasing chains for the Norwegian retail and service market, as well as a strong driver for chain-driven purchasing. The company is nationwide with 14 regional managers covering all counties. Expected turnover in 2017 of DKK 225 million.

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